A Lake Sambell Walk – pre-release

A LAke Sambell Walk cover image – 06/10/2021

I’ve re-done this little collection in both book form and digital about a dozen times – photos and all. I am finally satisfied that itis ok, for a little wander around the lake.

I’m experimenting with ways to deliver the digital version, and have uploaded it to Smashwords where it is available for pre-release purchase at an incentivating price of US$0.99 until release date on December 1st.

I’ll probbably offer a free version at some stage as I play around with this, but if you’d like to get a copy to see how it has turned out, the Smashwords link is here. It is available in all standard digital formats.

Just in case it doesn’t appear to want to let you buy the book for $0.99, I created a coupon for the same price. Just enter this code where it prompts – PV87L

Let me know if you have any problems.

The paperback is going through it’s last (I hope) proofing.

I’ve said before that this is not high art in either the poetry or the photographic departments, just a stroll around the lake, but it wa sfun to do and some little bits still delight me, so hopefully it will be worth a visit.

I’ll be delighted to hear thoughts.


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