New Bears and new Lake Walks. New Books!

I have been waiting – it seems like a very long time – for today. It was a delight to hear the voiice of the delivery man announce: ‘Some packages for Frank . . .’

Packages for Frank . . . – 30/09/2021

It has been raining fiercely for a day or so, here, and you can see that even the short trot up the driveway is challenging.

Two new books, in 3 editions. A Lake Smabell Walk in paperback, and the new Bakery Bears book (my first sequel) waiting for frank-bear in paperback and hard cover.

Two new books – 30/09/2021

These are proofs and I’m expecting to make changes to them, but I am really quite delighted.

Here is a peek inside the Bears book:

is he coming? 2 page spread from ‘waiting for frank-bear’ – 30/09/2021

Likewise, here is a peek into the Lake Sambell book:

Cormorant Tree (3) 2 page spread from ‘A Walk Around Lake Sambell’ – 30/09/2021

At first glance, both books look to have come up quite well, but they’ll get a fine-tooth going over now.

How very, very, lovely. How nice do these look together? Very nice, indeed! LOL

There are bears in there . . . ‘The Beechworth Bakery Bears’ and ‘waiting for frank-bear’ books – 30/09/2021

I truly love moments like these.


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