A Lake Sambell Walk – finished (I think) at last

I mentioned a little while ago that I intended to create a book out of the images I took and little thoughts written as poems on a walk around the locally iconic Lake Sambell, here in Beechworth.

The walk and the images were taken in my early days of having a smart phone and digital camera. I was so taken by the point and shoot possibilities of the camera that, for a while, I was taking pictures of anything and everything, and then studying them to write a little poem or story that suggested itself to me.

I delayed connecting the device as a phone for months. I was having too much fun.

Anyway, I recently found that I could recover the original images and – for better or worse – use them in book and digital forms without too much trouble. After several reconstructions and many uploads and revisions, I think I may have a final digital version and am waiting for a copy of the book proof to arrive.

Thinking about this as a project, there is no earth-shattering photography or poetry in this collection. Rather, it represents to me an example of things that we see all being able to convey and communicate to . . . something. Some meaning beyond seeing and forgetting. Also, the pleasure of a walk, of being en plein air, as it were.

Below is an image from the Kindle edition – set to double page view. I think it has come up ok. In the paper edition the image occupies one page and the text the other.

‘yours’ picture and poem sample from ‘A Lake Sambell Walk’ – 24/09/21

I’ll fiddle with the giveaway on Smashwords till it seems to work and then post the code here.


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