Voices (In The Trash) – DG (Debby) Kaye’s review

It is interesting the way serendipity works. In the last couple of days I have been finalising (I hope) the Beechworth Bakery Bears sequel (waiting for frank-bear) and sorting through available images, with a particular eye on a second tranche of photos taken at the Daylesford Mill Markets – the home of the voices from Voices (In The Trash). I always had in mind that there might be another in the set, perhaps Voices (Among The Treasure) as a title.

I take it as an encouragement that Debby has posted her review of the first Voices collection. You’ll find it here.

I’d be delighted if you took a moment to pop over to Debby’s place and checkout this and other reviews. She is a wonderful writer in her own right and well worth the acquaintance.

If you’d like a peek at the book itself, this one is listed as a Kindle book and has a free preview. Here is the (Australian) link (below). There are also readings posted on my YouTube channel.

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