Devil In The Wind – a musical involvement

Some time ago I was approached by Dr Natalie Williams seeking permission to to use a stanza from my Devil In The WInd poem and publication in an immersive visual media project to be performed with the accompaniment of newly composed Australian music. Dr Williams had come across the collection through some random good fortune over in Canberra (I think) and was good enough to follow up to contact me.

I was very pleased to give my permission and am delighted that the project is now nearing completion, in the form of a public performance of Black Summer by the Australian String Quintet over in Adelaide in early October.

My contribution is a small but fairly powerful stanza which will be featured at an appropriate point in the visual component of the performance.

I’m very sorry not to be in a position to attend in person.

Dr Williams is an accomplished composer and musician, and I’m including a link here in case you might like to check out her range of activities.

Funny old world, this,


24 thoughts on “Devil In The Wind – a musical involvement

  1. Frank…this is…wonderful! Devil in the Wind is the book that won me over to poetry, well as much as I’m ever going to be won over. The poems rang so true, and I am delighted that this set of poems, in particular, has received the recognition it deserves. Bravo, my friend. Bravo.

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