#Poetry #Book #Reviews: “Sheep on the Somme, A World War I Pictures & Poetry Project,” by Frank Prem, @frank_prem

My thanks to Colleen Cheseboro for her wonderful new review of Sheep On The Somme.

It is quite marvelous to realise that a piece of work – a labour of love for the author – resonates and affects others. Readers from all over. It is humbling and gratifying and inspiring all in a single breath.

Colleen is a fine practitioner and proponent of syllabic and short poetry as well as being inclined to the faerie and the fey.

I recommend a visit over to her place to read this and other reviews and to peek around to see the treasures for yourself.

Word Craft: Prose & Poetry

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I’ve created a spot here on Word Craft Poetry for poetry book reviews. You’ll find this new category listed in the Navigation menu at the left of the blog. I’ll try to review a couple of books a month. Stay tuned.

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From the Author

In this Picture Poetry collection, journey with the AIF, the ANZACS and the German and French armies at war on the Western Front during the Great War of 1914 – 1918.

Have your photo taken in a studio in Cairo, and your heart broken on a small street in Ballarat.

The bombs are falling in an endless fusillade of artillery fire from both sides of the conflict, turning the Somme into a clagging stew of slurried mud and maddened men.

Frank Prem has taken images of men at war and created verse stories to accompany them…

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