the kraken (is out there)

The time is now propitious, as he guesses
The meal is ended


it is too late
to speak
of the release
of the kraken

the kraken
is already out there

that is the message
for this week

the kraken
is already
out there

it is true

the kraken
leapt off a ship
the ruby princess
in march
of twenty-twenty

it waltzed out
of quarantine hotels
to go to the shops

to a party

to home

it wandered through
nursing homes
and high-rise
public housing

oh yes

the kraken
is out there

and now
we are asked –
we reluctant citizens –
to accept our fate

it is our duty
and in the future
to live
with the kraken

the government has
after all
armed us ‘ ‘ ‘

of us
with a shield

we will be fine

though some –
it is true –
will sicken . . .

will die

it is our duty
to the nation

our prime minister
to not allow ourselves
to be small
or petty

or to quibble

we cannot –
he tells us –
live our future
in a cave

is the time
(for he has declared it so)
for us to go forward
with confidence

to greet
the kraken
wherever we may find it

let us have
no more
of the foolishness
of holding back
from what
we now
must live with


Poem #200.

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