ansible (last connection)

I too awaited the expected guest.
He, the young man carbuncular, arrives


I write letters
in short
and in long

correspondence a-plenty
in an age
of social media
and international connection

ursula le guin
gifted the world
the ansible
and now none of us
are apart

not in any
meaningful way

it means
I can follow
the events of the world

the progress
of the plague toward me . . .

and toward

this morning
the report is
of cases found
on your doorstep

it was mine

I try
to write too much
of my own fears
and concerns

keep myself
to observation
and comment . . .

to irony
but . . .

in a while
I shiver

a ripple of dread
as the observation
extends a bony finger
to point
at your doorbell

or –
ironically perhaps –
at my own

in real time

and I worry-wonder
if this encroachment
of plague disease
and disaster is
the big one

the finale
that will sever
my ansible connection
to you . . .

to you . . .

at last


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