different (no) the same

I Tiresias, old man with wrinkled dugs
Perceived the scene


here we are
a nation
waiting . . .

are waiting for?

it is not

it seems
we are waiting
for a prestidigitation
to be worked

a sleight
of (vaccine) hand here . . .

a perception
of leadership (watch the hand . . .
watch . . .
the hand . . .)

set in concrete
from entrails contemplated
by professional

a seduction
of the mind
the dismay felt
by the heart

one more
to keep the faith
although . . .

ah well
it hardly matters

our lives
at the moment
are inducements and seducements
overlaid –
before and after
like some kind
of emotion-layered
sandwich –
by disappointment
and anger

every day
the blandishments are laid out

every day
more of us
and disbelieve
and dispute

then –
reluctantly perhaps –
agree to comply
with the wishes
of our seducer

only to feel
a certain degree
of foul
left draped upon
our souls

maybe –
on this day –
it will be


2 thoughts on “different (no) the same

  1. Well put, Frank the feeling is as oppressive as the pandemic Worse in Melbourne because all of us are very naughty As to today being different Not b—-y likely. LOL

    Liked by 2 people

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