wondering (confined to a shoebox)

and lays out food in tins.


as I sit –
mask lowered
as allowed –
drinking a coffee
on the edge
of the sidewalk

pedestrian strangers
between me
and the shops
on the other side
cars patrol
under the sun
just before
the new lockdown

they are searching
for places
to park
while they shop
very quickly
for rations

who knows
how long
it will last this time

who knows
what it might mean

and who knows
god knows
this seems

in the philosophic
contemplation of
a life
that’s well lived

where does this

and in
the equation of all things
a ten minute-dash
for a warm drink
in public
a daring escapade

it once was
the usual
way of life

never questioned
nor needing consideration

we grew up
as children
in an expanse of life
that knew
no horizons

we age
in a shoebox
of diminished opportunities]

and wonder
will it be
this way
until the day
we all die


Forgive me for rambling. We’ve had a new lockdown declared at 10:45am to take effect from1:00pm today.

I took the opportunity to wander into the township for a short time, to contemplate life over a coffee, but it has become a fraught thing to do – studying passers-by and the state of their masking. Judging whether they are valid or interloping.

These are difficult and depressing times, and not getting easier any time soon.

Be safe, my friends. Be safe.


18 thoughts on “wondering (confined to a shoebox)

  1. In California, the mandate is masks anytime in crowds of ore than 1,000 people — kids are masked in school and accepting that, but adults are having a rougher time with the mandates. I expect this will evolve to full lockdown very soon! Incidentally, it helps me maintain my cool in my health-imposed isolation! And next week I will receive my 3rd vaccination shot, a month ahead of schedule. I expect this will all last off and on for a long time! Thanks for putting the emotions into words!

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    • Thank you, Janet. I worry a little about the monotonous misery that contemplation of the virus and its impacts on us that must come through in the writing, but these are those times, I suppose.

      Stay well, and congratulations on the 3rd dose. That’s well done, I think.

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      • Well — congratulations on being immunocompromised so I can qualify for the 3rd dose a little early — by the end of September, all who have been eligible for the first 2 will also be eligible for a 3rd, 8 months after #2! I am glad to be able to strengthen my system at this point — and it helps that everybody else will have at least some restrictions on their movements — I won’t be the only one for much longer! 🙂

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