Sheep On The Somme – wonderful feedback

Anyone visiting this site will know how much I value reviews of my books. It is a brand new thrill each time I become aware that a review has been posted.

Reviews of a book at the point of purchase, or on Goodreads, or personal blogs are crucial to let a potential reader know what an actual reader thought of the book.

Sometimes the need to constantly self-publicise is a soul-drain for an author, and it feels as though there is a constant pursuit of these reviews to create a level of validation – personal and author/professional. I feel very blessed to have willing reviewers among the folk who read my published books. Thank you!

Today, I received a slightly different kind of feedback which isn’t a review as such, but touched me deeply as soon as I saw it.

Sheep On The Somme is a collection of images taken during World War 1, mainly on the Somme and the Western Front. I found I was able to channel a story out of each of these images by establishing a kind of empathy with the scene or person or situation in the image. So a picture poetry/spoken image book about the war emerged, focused on feelings and emotions as much as anything.

A little while back a personal friend saw me with book in hand and decided to purchase a copy to gift to her father. Today she caught up with me again and said she’d been asked by her dad to give me some feedback. Here are the things she told me that he wanted to convey.


He said “ You can pick it up and put it down and still find something interesting – it is a really good read!”

Also that “it is a really, really good book”, and asked me to thank you!

How very lovely.

My friend (Rae) also mentioned that “mum says he has read it from front to back from back to front


Thank you Rae, and thank you to everyone who reads my work and shares their responses with me and with others. In the end, these things provide the urgency that drives me to try to become a better writer each time I take up my pen.

Sheep On The Somme is available is available from all the online bookstores, but I advise that you shop around if you want to buy a copy. There are some huge differences in cost. I’ll popthe Amazon Australia link below (there is no preview because this is paper copy only). If you would like a copy directly from me, let me know and we can see what is do-able.

Other reviews can be read on Goodreads by following this link.

10 thoughts on “Sheep On The Somme – wonderful feedback

  1. I agree Frank It is a thoroughly good read from cover to cover, though you can put it down and pick it up again I hope you receive more of these; the accolades are well deserved

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