the song (of the Flock)

Yesterday, I coincidentally learned a little more about the flock of pigeons that so captivated me with their wheeling around and across the sky a couple of years back.

I wonder if anything of this sort is truly coincidence.

I was told that the flock was the personal joy of a fragile young man who loved them dearly. Apparently hestruggled with his health, either physical or mental, and reached a point where he could not care for them anymore.

I didn’t hear what happened to the birds, but I’m choosing to belieb=ve they were rehomed to another part of the country and continue to circle and wheel around a new part of the sky.

I was very moved when I heard this news. Very sad, but I also felt there may have been some element of connection between us, through the flock.

In the image below, I have used a strip of grey to fill the footer section of the page – seeking ways to soften the starkness of the image ending and the white of the paper in the footer.

This poem ‘the song’ happens to be a seventeen syllable poem, of which there are a number in the collection, but not all the short pieces are written to that number. It does show my tendency towards it, though, I think.

Image taken from the Flock collection. 28/07/2021

3 thoughts on “the song (of the Flock)

    • Thank you, Diana.

      I still look for them to appear overhead.

      It has made me appreciate that it is important to allow myself to be inspired and to become involved in the moment because, what has always been can suddenly cease and disappear.

      It has been the same experience with the Bakery Bears that so captivated me. The Bears still exist in their shop, but the circumstances – due to Covid and structural changes within the bakery itself mean that they do not present as ‘subjects’ for my contemplations anymore. It was a ‘oncer’.

      Glad you enjoyed the poem. I hope it will scrub up as a worthwhile collection.

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