the water (my river) runs

By the waters of Leman I sat down and wept . . .


I wonder

is it my tears
only the rain

the world
that I am in
is weeping

it is not
so much
the ongoing cycle
of lockdown
and closure

so much
as the absence
of any sense
of hope

of a resolution
in prospect

only the repetition
of platitudes

the gabble
of the self-protective

the anguish
of the disenfranchised
and squealing
of the self-righteous

the ignorance

talking heads
scratching heads

and locking down

in the end
we will forget
to use our tongues
to speak

in the end
we will greet
as strangers

the ones we know
used to know

half recognized
behind a mask

was his face
so blue

was she
so anonymous
in her facial features

how long is it
I saw somebody laugh at all

I am doubly deaf
I cannot see
your lips move

how can we
go on

this day is
for weeping

the water flows

my river


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