Voices (In The Trash) – Liz’s review

I am pleased to share a review of Voces (In The Trash) posted by Liz Gauffreau.

Liz discusses the nature of this kind of poetry (picture poetry/spoken image), and also highlights the fact that each item in the collectibles barn, or second-hand goods shop has had a previous life, perhaps previous love.

It is this previous life that whispers its stories to an attentive listener (or passing poet). It makes the object real and filled with life.

Liz also references a previous review (which I’d forgotten) from a reader who really wasn’t sure what to make of the collection, or how to respond to it. I sympathise that reader/reviewer, because I just make this stuff up. There is no real genre and no clear rules. I like that as a feature of what I do, but I appreciate the difficulty for a reader expecting poetry . . . LOL!

Thank you Liz. This is the link to the review at Goodreads if you’d like to take a peek.

Voices (In The Trash) – KIndle link 18/07/21

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