Listing books on Smashwords and Draft2Digital

It is actually a very exciting thing to relist books, as new, even though they have been around for awhile.

I mentioned a little while back that I was reformatting my first published books (Small Town Kid, Devil In The Wind and The New Asylum) for listing at Smashwords. For anyone who doesn’t know, Smashwords is a digital book distributor, making books available to many digital shopfronts that don’t happen to be amazon, and/or Kindle. Without going into it too much, what is required is a different book format to allow the digital copy to be read on (for example) a Nook reader or some other reader that isn’t a Kindle. The format of this new edition is called e-pub.

Smashwords is not the only such distributor. There are several and the other that I have listed books on is Draft2Digital (D2D). It was actually D2D that prompted me to do the conversions because I received a note advising that they now distribute to something called Borrowbox.

My attention was caught when I saw that because some time back I made enquiries at my local library and was told that they source their digital books from Borrowbox.

So the advantages of these distributors in short?

  • Amazon/Kindle likes to keep things exclusive, including using their own format for digital books which is not the industry standard. Libraries and booksellers generally will not support the Kindle version of books.
  • The other distributors make their versions of the book available in multiple online retailers.
  • Smashwords allows me (the author/publisher) to create a code discounting the price of a book down to zero cost to purchase, if I so desire.
  • D2D distributes to my library (more or less) and also advises any followers (of which I have none at the moment) of any new releases by me.
  • D2D also provides a Universal Link for each book, allowing an interested purchaser to nominate their preferred store for book shopping, or so simply check out and choose from the range of retailers supported. The links above to my first 3 books go to the Universal link. Check them out to see what I mean.

I have grown a little weary of Amazon/Kindle exclusivity and feel happy to know my books can be bought from any retailer.

So. I started with the first three books, but I’ve gone on now and listed the A Love Poetry Trilogy, as well. When I’m on a roll, I just keep rolling!

The only digital book editions that have not yet been converted and listed are The Beechworth Bakery Bears and Voices (In The Trash). To date I just haven’t worked out how to make the conversion. I’m working on it, though.

Also, Sheep On The Somme is not available in a digital edition at all. Not yet, anyway. The link will show some of the retailers selling the paper editions of the book.

I hope this isn’t just boring fluff for anyone reading – I know it isn’t exactly poetry – but I thought you might be interested to know about what I’ve been up to.

Which reminds me that I was going to pop a picture in of the D2D advice to followers about a new release. I thought it looked pretty good. It comes as part of an email advice.

D2D New Release email example – 18/07/21

7 thoughts on “Listing books on Smashwords and Draft2Digital

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      • I had Ingram’s convert the print person of my poetry book to an EPUB, and it turned out okay. Now that I have a better understanding about how this self-publishing works, I’ll do the EPUB myself using one of the Adobe Create Suite programs. (I don’t remember which one off the top of my head.

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      • All the advice I read suggested that e-books weren’t really Ingrams strength (from publisher perspective), so I didn’t bother. Same with their offer to advertise – they have no reputation for that.

        I still do mine by working with MS Word. I then do a conversion using a free app. Then convert again in Calibre. Not complicated, though it can sound like it is. Really important to give every image an ‘alt name’ while still in Word.

        Calibre allows for further editing and Table of Contents. Pretty good, all in all. Th ebest of that for me is that, with a few limitations MS Word does a good job and it’s a program I know quite well. Plus I have to use it for other purposes anyway.

        MAny ways to go, all of them good when mastered, I think.

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      • I’d be interested to hear more, Liz. I think I’m about to crack the code for turning the Bears into an e-pub edition. It will be a little different from what’s possible using Kindle for Kids, but will fill an imprtant gap, I think.


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