I’m ida (who are you)

Ida Pender 06/03/1922 (Jazz Baby collection 27/06/2021)

I’m just a girl
from elsternwick

I was born
near there –
in brighton –
I haven’t moved around
very much

I learned to dance
with miss lillias
she would have us all
in public
to a performance list
that we practiced

some of the girls
but I was always
more interested
in moving around
and feeling
like I was free

when I was a kid –
(I’m eighteen
now) –

I used to climb
out of my bedroom

in the nighttime

and I’d find my way
to st kilda . . .

to the palais de dance
or the green room

I was too

I know that

oh that music
just needed
for me to dance

I still love
to dance


they say that I’m
a jazzer

I suppose
I must be
I love it so

where I met

he was
good looking
and well dressed

he loved the way
I moved

he makes me happy

that’s all I have
to say
about me

I don’t want to speak
about my picture
in the paper

that was just
a misunderstanding

I’m ida
that’s all . . .

what’s your name


14 thoughts on “I’m ida (who are you)

  1. Well well, I am not that old after all. Elsternwick was where we lived upon arrival in Melbourne in 1967 I would not want to argue with Ida even now. Interesting article and of course gorgeous poem

    Liked by 1 person

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