A new treasure

Today, I’m delighted to share a new treasure that came in the mail yesterday.

Some readers here will recall that I’m a regular attender (or try to be) at the annual Rainforest Writing Retreat (RWR) held up a mountain at a place called Oreilly’s in Queensland. For two years running I’ve not been able to attend due to Covid restrictions.

This year I had to cancel just a couple of days before leaving for the plane due to our Lockdown number 4.

Such is life in the post-Covid world.

However, I have been able to continue to contribute by writing poems for the Retreat Anthology, which has now become an annual (themed) event.

Last year’s theme was science fiction, to include some reference to ‘a virus’.

The new anthology was published during the retreat and is titled ‘Short Stories of Science and Space’. Follow the link to take a peek at the book.

Yesterday’s mail brought a lovely trophy that the editors had decided to award for my submission, called ‘Leaving: One, Two, Three’

RWR 2020 Editor’s Poetry Award 26/06/2021

Isn’t that a beauty? I think it is.

My thanks to the Editor’s of the Anthology and the organisers of the Retreat. CHarmaine, and Christine and many more.

BTW, I’ve been asked where the poem can be seen, to be read. At present it only exisits between the covers of the Anthology, and I encourage any interested pasrty to grab a copy for their bookshelves. Later today, I will attempt to find time to record a reading of the piece and upload it. I’ll mention when it is done and available.


16 thoughts on “A new treasure

    • Thank you, ellen. This one becomes a kind of book-end. 20 years ago I won a statuette in a competition that I valued highly (while I was still a very raw writer). I spent quite a few years trying to win another in the same comp. Managed to tie for a first place one uyear, but not the statuette.

      Now, 2 decades and a lot of poetry later, the unexpected. It is very lovely.

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