Sheep On The Somme – a new reading of 3 poems

Sheep On The Somme is selling well. I’m a little amazed really, because there is no digital edition and I had sort of been led to believe that no e-book equalled no success. Not true. Thank you to everyone and anyone who has purchased a copy.

I decided I should celebrate a little by putting together a new video of three readings from the book. The link is here:

Sheep On The Somme reading 24/06/2021

Don’t forget the book is (should be) available in all the online bookstores. Tell a friend, even!

Hope you enjoy the video, though as with most of these, it is a sombre reading.


17 thoughts on “Sheep On The Somme – a new reading of 3 poems

    • Thank you, Liz.

      I did the readings a little while back and put them together for the upload yesterday. They bring out some emotion.

      I hope you’re right that libraries are or will acquire. I’m not sure, but it might be a bit early for that. I’ve been spending time and effort to get the book listed with Library suppliers here in Australia – there are so very many places to deal with to get it catalogued where it needs to be.


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  1. I was in Barnes and Noble here and they didn’t have a physical copy but it could be ordered. I was disappointed because I wanted to show it to my family with me. I think Amazon is the best place to order it though.

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    • I suspect you’re right, Cheryl. I can’t really tell from the data I get, but it looks to me like some of the other sellers must be getting orders too – the AMazon rankings change by the hour, but don’t show a lot of activity, whereas it is clear that books are being ordered from the printer.

      I’m just delighted that readers are buying copies – wherever they best get them from.

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    • Fantastic, Robbie. I’m glad Amazon delivers to SA. I’ve been reading difficult stories about SA and Covid recently and thinking of you and a couple of other online friends from there.

      Difficult times.

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      • HI Frank, it is a nightmare here but I have been expecting it in my secret heart. We are in a private lockdown and are not going out at all. Currently we are all fine. A good friend of mine lost his mother to covid this morning and 25 work colleagues are ill with 10 in hospital.

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      • So very awful, Robbie. My hear tgoes out to you and all from SA. It is a terrible state to be in. We have panic attacks over single incidences over here, now, and would lock down the universe for two.

        So very different and difficult to comprehend.

        You know, I’m sure, that I wish you safety and for conditions to ease where you are.

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      • Thank you, Frank. I know how it is in Australia as I have friends there. You are actually quite lucky your government has controlled this virus. The schools have been closed completely from yesterday so the boys will be on-line next week. It is a relief.

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      • Jury is out on how well the Government is managing things, Robbie. There is an argument that we’ve only done ok because we’re an island and stopped international flights, to a large extent. We shall see.

        I truly believe our society and social manners will be permanently altered through this.

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