besotted (said detective piggott)

detective piggott

they make him out
some sort
of demi-god

a crafty eye
a curling sneer

he wears the best
of suits
a velvet collar
black bowler hat

he’s little more
a snazzy little
villain . . .

and a murderer




they idolize

said detective piggott

and the girls –

underworld besotted
creatures –

seem ready
to do more


4 thoughts on “besotted (said detective piggott)

    • It keeps unfolding, Derring.

      Detective Piggott is described as being the Sherlock Holmes of his time and being single handedly responsible for introducing forensic investigation to the country. Camera, blood spatter, fingerprints etc.

      He was also closely involved with my two characters – Ida and keslie.

      Pretty amazing, really.

      Liked by 1 person

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