the night (I roar)

Night Storm (1) 12/06/2021

the night
is as cold as a sometime

the night is
a stranger
to face away

the night is a cloud
that flies close
to weather

the night
is a cloud
that seeds
all storms

and I feel the wind
ruffle my clothing

I feel the rain
against my face

I see the billow
and its snow

I am the night
let the thunder
let the lightning

I am the night
can you hear me

Night Storm (2) 12/06/2021


6 thoughts on “the night (I roar)

    • Cheers Laura, That’s the way!

      Actually we were lucky here where I am. There are some places that have been storm hit and without power for many days at a time. I heard from friends that they couldn’t sleep through a night because of the constant noise from trees falling over (in a forested area).

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