Sheep On The Somme – release date

I’ve approved final (I hope) revisions for Sheep On The Somme, today. Two editions – paperback and case laminate hardcover – will be released for sale on 16th June 2021.


I’ll no doubt have a bit more to say about this in due course, but for the moment, I’m relieved to have gotten this far.

There is , in fact a third edition – the dustcover/jacket edition – which is also coming, but I have no plan to release it for sale at this point.

I’m also not planning an e-book. The thought of tackling such a large additional project makes me feel weary, so not this time, and no Kindle version.

That means I have limited capacity to provide copies for readers to review, which is a bit of a problem. If any reader if this page is interested in reading and reviewing, let me know and I will happily assemble a PDF version of the book for reviewing purposes. I’ll likely also invite subscribers to my newsletter (which I’ve seriously neglected for some time).

I think this is worthy project that has the capacity to touch readers emotionally, despite the images being more than a hundred years old. now.

Sheep On The Somme – Front cover image

If you’d like a refresher, there is a YouTube playlist of readings taken from the collection here.

BTW, I have spoken in the past of perhaps braking the collection that is Sheep On The Somme into 4 separate publications (matching the 4 parts of the book), but I’m not pursuing that idea at present. Too much work for uncertain benefit.

Woo Hoo!

7 thoughts on “Sheep On The Somme – release date

    • It’s an awful predicament, Robbie. I find it hard to imagine not being able to rely on such deliveries. Hope you can get it. If not let me know – maybe I can get an order direct from Ingrams. I’d be happy to explore.

      Failing that, I can put together a pdf edition and just send it across to you.

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      • Thank you, Frank. It is very strange. I can only buy ebooks from Amazon US, they don’t even show up as available on Amazon UK. Amazon UK will ship most books here, but some, and I’ve noticed it is particularly Australian books, are not available for shipping to SA. I’ll wait and see.


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