Rainforest Writing Retreat (RWR) 2021, The Cielonaut

Today, I’ve posted a second reading done with the Rainforest Writing Retreat (RWR) 2021, which I’m unable to attend, in mind.

I spoke in my previous post of the way that an anthology idea – Short Tales of Forest and Fantasy – took root and grew in my mind until I had sufficient material for a book-sized poetry collection, which I named The Garden Black. The post contains the link to a YouTube reading from that collection.

The Garden Black was not the end of that process, however. One of the poems I wrote as part of that exploration was a piece called The Cielonaut. It also grew a little. Not enough for a complete book, but an interesting idea that I was pleased to pursue and to flesh out.

I received some encouragement to keep going with the idea and to flesh it out further, until it had turned into quite a saga, along these lines:

The Cielonaut is the sole survivor of take off, in a ship that is to cross the universe. He has supplies but no control, and cannot change direction or determine destination.

He is travelling at light speeds and so there is no ‘back’ to go to. Only onwards to eternity.

What I found myself doing, in the writing of this collection, was taking a melancholy look at the emotions of separation and loss, as well as reactions to helpless imprisonment.

The collection is illuminated by use of images taken from the NASA Video and Image Library, which I used to allow my Cielonaut to to respond – at a deeply personal level – to the universe he sees in passing.

I’ve just yesterday decided that I probably won’t release this collection in book form, despite high hopes I had for it. I’m not satisfied that the images have reproduced on paper as well as they need to. The project will have to wait patiently until I gain sufficient knowledge and skills to make them shine, as they should.

Meanwhile, here is a reading from The Cielonaut. I hope you enjoy.

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