Sheep On The Somme – copy in hand

A happy author – Sheep On The Somme in case laminate 21/05/2021

I’ve just received the case laminate 396 page version of Sheep On The Somme, and I’m a little blown away.

How very amazing that a project I thought was likely doomed, just a few weeks ago, has become a real thing that I can hold in my hand.

My first impression is that the 8’5 x 8.5 inch size works very well for a book this size. I’ll be interested to compare it with the jacketed 9 x 6 inch version that I hope to get next week some time.

Sheep On The Somme – section divider (CL) 21/05/2021

The pictures are black and whites, but it is a colour printing. I wanted to see if it was worthwhile to show the sepias and tints caused by the passage of time on the original images. The jury is out on that, though I can clearly see the colouring that I was seeking. I’ll live with it for awhile. Plus, the jacket version will be a black and white printing, so I’ll be able to do one for one comparisons.

It is quite a handful to hold and feels as though it contains a bit of gravitas within it.

At first glance, the use of columns (two and sometimes three) for text is not a problem.

Definitely a coffee-table style of book.



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