Cost of paper edition books on Amazon

I’ve cooked up a table with today’s prices for the paper editions of my books, as taken from Amazon. I’ve given both the US and UK currency prices. The Table may be wider than your reader page, but it looked as though a reader could scroll across to get all the price details. I think the links are live in the posted article, but otherwise will need to be cut and pasted into your browser.

Thank you Janet for asking about costs and availability of paper editions of my books. All the urging for publicity and marketing focuses really heavily on electronic forms, I think, and the paper editions can be a little neglected.

I must say I was a little surprised at what I found. I don’t have a clear logic for Amazon’s price fluctuations between books of similar size and style.

All these books are available from any online retailer – don’t forget to allow for delivery charges, which may vary a lot from place to place.

Books that you may have seen me reference (The Cielonaut, Sheep On The Somme, The First Violin etc) are either finished in publishable form, or nearly so, but have not yet been released for sale.

Let me know if you’d like me to price up a delivery to your address.

Book TitleEditionPagesAmazon LinkUS Price (without delivery)
Small Town KidPaperback104 $                                9.68
Devil In The WindPaperback104 $                              16.73
The New AsylumPaperback168 $                                6.68
Herja, DevastationPaperback106 $                              11.50
Walk Away Silver HeartPaperback104 $                              16.34
A Kiss for the WorthyPaperback114 $                              16.85
Rescue and RedemptionPaperback142 $                              14.30
Voices (In The Trash)Softcover106 $                              19.95
Voices (In The Trash)Hardcover106 $                              27.42
The Beechworth Bakery BearsSoftcover66 $                              17.16
The Beechworth Bakery BearsHardcover66 $                              24.74
Book TitleEditionPages UK Price (without delivery)
Small Town KidPaperback104 £11.10
Devil In The WindPaperback104 £6.25
The New AsylumPaperback168 £11.52
Herja, DevastationPaperback106 £11.13
Walk Away Silver HeartPaperback104 £11.10
A Kiss for the WorthyPaperback114 £11.37
Rescue and RedemptionPaperback142 £5.79
Voices (In The Trash)Softcover106 £13.08
Voices (In The Trash)Hardcover106 £17.99
The Beechworth Bakery BearsSoftcover66 £11.52
The Beechworth Bakery BearsHardcover66 £16.50
Frank Prem Paper Edition book pricelist (Amazon US and UK) 17/05/2021


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