the restless breeze (blowing by)

an ocean
I sail
on stormy seas

waves –
I’m not sure

waves –
no matter
when waters surge

and the kissing
of salt
is the taste
of a bitter breeze

the slapping
of white . . .

a sharp wake-you-up
more alarming
siren call

I whistle the breeze


a moan
from the gale

and so
the wind cries
a tear squeezed
from my eye

and so
the wind howls
a scream
at the scudding clouds

and so
I grow small
while storms rage
my mind

and yet . . .

let it go

the whisper
of calmer times


let it go

but awhile
and there will be
calmer times

calmer seas

renewed skies

let it go

it is only
a restless breeze

blowing by

blowing by


4 thoughts on “the restless breeze (blowing by)

  1. You will be tired of hearing this “Love it.” I love it because it spoke to me personally; the analogy of the sea and its mood swings worked its magic. I too think it is wonderful Well done Frank

    Liked by 1 person

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