Sheep On The Somme – Working title.


Three hundred and ninety one formatted pages. About one hundred and eighty images.

It’s been a job, but I’m satisfied that I have the interior of my WW 1 epic finished, subject to a proof read for italics and stylistic consistency.

My working plan is to break the manuscript into four picture books, which I’ve done within my working document.

I think that I’ll have a little fun now and concoct a cover for the overall thing, and worry about finessing after I have a copy in hand.

I’m also contemplating a version with cloth cover and dust jacket – just because I’ve never made one and am interested in how it will shape up.

Thanks to everyone for your support and good wishes. Sorry I haven’t responded to comments promptly.

Here’s another spread for you to see – this is taken from the MS Word document.

Sheep On The Somme – 2 page spread 08/05/2021


16 thoughts on “Sheep On The Somme – Working title.

  1. It does look great Frank l’m sure your hard work will pay divendends in more ways than one. In an age where the mods want to ignore history, you are bringing it back l am looking forwward to delving in, but l know l will need plenty of tissues!

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