WW 1 poems – getting book-ified

A kittle update on one more project – turning the WW 1 poems that I have done YouTube readings for into book form.

For a long time I had been of the view that a book/s would be unlikely because gaining lawful copies would only be possible at considerable cost. I checked again, just recently, however, and found that virtually all the images I wanted to use were available under creative commons, or otherwise no longer subject to copyright.

Whether I had misunderstood the status of the images previously (most likely) or some other condition had come into effect I’m not sure, but suddenly the possibility was open to me.

I set about my work immediately and a long and tedious task it is! Progressing steadily, however, and at this stage I’m planning:

. up to 4 hardcover volumes of around 100 pages each – similar to the Voices (In The Trash) book. This number of pages represents the upper limit of what will fit in the mail as a ‘large letter’. There is a significant mail cost penalty for single books that exceed this size.

. I don’t have a name for the overall collection, or series, yet.

. dimensions of 8.5 x 8.5 inches – again the same as the Voices and Beechworth Bakery Bears books. This is as close as I can get to a ‘coffee table book’ size using my current printing arrangements.

. Grayscale images using colour print. Basically, this means that the black used for colour print will be used, rather than ordinary printing black – I think. It gets a bit twisty for my brain to manage, but it should be excellent image quality. I hope.

. I was tempted to do a cloth cover with dust jacket, but the option is not available for my size book. Probably just as well.

I’ve manipulated a view of a two page ‘spread’ so that I can post a picture here, to share with you. The spread I’ve chosen deals with the story of a family from which father and sons all enlisted. One son was killed, and the father followed a month later. One of the remaining sons – Job, was allowed to leave the fighting to go home and care for the mother and remaining family. A gesture of compassion by the army.

Who said they were an uncaring organisation?

All of this is very much ‘a work in progress’, but I thought it would be nice to share here.

Portraits of Private James Barker and Private John Albert Barker, inspiration for the poem: one to take care (of his grieving mother)

Most of the spreads feature just one image, on the left-side page, with text on the right. A few will have 2 images, as in the sample above.

I hope it all comes together. We shall see, I guess.


16 thoughts on “WW 1 poems – getting book-ified

  1. Wonderful about the rights to the images, Frank. I remember that was a big disappointment for you when you first looked into it. And see how much you’ve learned in the interim to make the process a bit smoother!

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  2. I am delighted that you were wrong, and can do this. Your sensitivity to the topic provides insight and education and it would be a pity not to pursue your idea. All the best


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