To market, to market . . .

Well, the Beechworth Farmer’s Market is done and run for another month. I’ll pop up a couple of images from the morning.

It was a gorgeous morning here, and I was very centrally located in the doorway to the Cathedral (the Market is conducted on the Church grounds). It was freezing in my alcove, I confess, and I didn’t get to see the sun until I went out looking for it.

It was a slow day and a sparse crowd. I sold several books, mainly Small Town Kid and The New Asylum, and turned a modest profit after costs, which is always nice. I also spent a lot of time engaged in conversation with both townsfolk (old) and townsfolk (new) and day visitors from local towns and from interstate (and even the US).

An interesting morning, all in all, with a flukey wind that was intent on reading all of my books at once, while at the same time encouraging my banner to revolt (you can see it stands at quite a rakish angle, in the picture below). In the end I decided to do without the banner, and found I got on just as well.

A nice morning, all in all.

Here are some pics.

Frank’s Stall at The Beechworth Farmer’s Market 01/05/2021
Market view #1 01/05/2021
Market view #2 01/05/2021
Market view #3 01/05/2021


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