April 2021 PAD #30 brisk (goodbye)

It is the first of May, as I write, and so the NaPoWriPMo month has finished. Below is my last. A day late, but close enough, I think.

My Poem-a-Day undertaking turned out to be mostly Seventeen Syllable poems and I’ve been very pleased with how they have been received. Thank you.

Just in case you are wondering just which diversion I am pursuing at present, it is the WW 1 images and poems. My great discovery a few weeks ago was that the images that I thought I would have to pay exorbitant amounts of money to use are actually now out of copyright and available to me. Therefore , , ,

More picture books are coming. Meanwhile, here is the last poem of the April month.

brisk (goodbye)

the wind
is too brisk

is in my face

kissed goodbye


5 thoughts on “April 2021 PAD #30 brisk (goodbye)

    • It’s gi-normous, Liz. Progressing (obsessively) though.

      Many challenges, including internal order, of course, but also how to place the images – on a page of their own, behind text, how to deal with 2 images for one poem (as occurs a couple of times.

      Not sure why I do this to myself, really.


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