Crikey . . .

a man becomes his own bookshop!

Preparing books for the Beechworth Farmer’s Market 30/04/21

There’s a few anthologies kicking around that I don’t have as stock to sell, as well.

Hard to believe this lot has all been created since the end of 2018.

Been busy. LOL

Actually, looking more seriously at the picture I can track my own developing knowledge base and skill levels in turning raw material into books.

The first three – over on the right hand side of the table were externally designed and edited.

Cage Dunn took on responsibility for getting Herja, Devastation created and provided a great deal of inspiration and explanation to me in the process.

The A Love Poetry Trilogy, Pebbles to Poems, Bakery Bears and Voices were all essentially my own work.

I expect to keep responsibility for all design aspects of books going into the future, hopefully improving all the time. The next one will most likely be The Cielonaut – filled with all those gorgeous NASA images. I think it is actually finished, but I’ve been distracted and haven’t ticked it off or planned a release. Soon, I think. Did I mention that I’m a little bit in love with the NASA images? It is true. My last profound experiential moment was when I listened to the recording of wind blowing on Mars.

Anyway. It’s a lot of books.


5 thoughts on “Crikey . . .

    • I’m catching up on myself, slowly, Ellen. I’m looking forward to being able to concentrate wholeheartedly on the new, rather than attending to the old, but it’s my job, so no good complaining!

      Thank you.

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