Yay Bears!

I’ve been a bit of a sloth as far as promoting any books goes for a while now. Covid sort of killed off any momentum I had with author appearances and readings and I ended up putting a lot of time into making books and recording short readings for YouTube – as I may have mentioned here, ad nauseum!).

Recently I managed to get The Beechworth Bakery Bears into acceptable shape for paper editions – hardback and softcover, which was a long, long time coming.

A local newspaper contact got wind of the book and suggested an interview, which set a bit of a fire under me, and a small dose of panic because I’d not done anything to get books into stores, didn’t have a lot of copies on hand etc.

Panic, indeed.

The upshot is that, for a number of reasons, I don’t think the book will end up in a local bookstore and I’ll end up selling it directly via email request and in-person appearances/stalls etc when I get my act together in that department.

So. Today the photographer for the paper was in touch and we’ve just taken a few pictures at the Bakery, surrounded by bears – a very Muppet Show moment, it seemed to me. They are such a lovely bunch of characters that I enjoy being around them, even now. (Very soft, too!).

That was lovely, but even better, the photographer bought a copy on the spot to send off to relatives in Europe.

Nice. I’m still smiling.

The Beechworth Bakery Bear Book paper editions
Paper editions of The Beechworth Bakery Bear book.

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