How to interpret a Teddy Bear?

I’ve put off trying to do a little video for the Bears book because I’ve struggled to be satisfied that I can manage the voices at all adequately.

Oh well.

Here is a link to a small reading I did today, and just managed to finish after many interruptions.

Hope you enjoy.

Introducing The Beechworth Bakery Bears.

11 thoughts on “How to interpret a Teddy Bear?

    • Glad you enjoyed them, Janet.

      The bears have established a genuine character and set of personalities for me. Can only try to represent them, but I suppose the ‘voice’ will be different for each reader.


  1. Of all the poems I have read or listened to today, this comes as the favourite. I hope we hear more about the bears, perhaps it awakens childhood (Mind you I got my first bear at the ripe age of 36, just a few moons back)

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    • You have been having a catch-up, Claire!

      Thank you so much for all your comments and feedback, and I’m glad you enjoyed the Bears. I have found them hardest to read of my work, to date.

      I’m pleased to have finally gotten the book done after a lot of second thoughts and episodes of cold feet.

      Quite a relief.


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