4 thoughts on “April 2021 PAD #19 home (for winter)

  1. I think a manic wasp is better than a manic bird! I am waking in the middle of each night to a bird that sings loudly everybody else’s songs. I don’t think it’s a mockingbird, but it might be a grackle — they do the same type of song-stealing! At least a manic wasp is quieter!

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    • Quite maddening, I’m sure, Janet.

      The biggest problems with the wasps is that they are everywhere and the opportunities for al fresco eating – at home or out and about are compromised because they could easily be swallowed.

      This time of year the queens are all out looking for homes to over-winter.


  2. Please don’t send it down here Frank we have enough flies living close to the RAAF base. We had a fly plague a couple of years back coming from over there; something that was unearthed Im glad Mr Wasp has found a home though, however temporary.


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