War Videos update

I’ve been plugging away with my self appointed task of cleaning up, shrinking down and re-posting WW1 videos on my YouTube Channel. Some old redone, and some new posted since my last update.

I find the inconsistencies a little annoying (most of the audio was recorded some time ago and at different times), but I feel it is worthwhile overall.

If you’d like to check them out, the individual links are given below (and I’m uploading a new one today).

World War 1 people – 3 poems

World War 1 Mouquet Farm – 3 poems

World War 1 Ivor Margetts lonely grave- 2 poems

World War 1 In a Canal Escarpment on the Somme: Glutton – 1 poem

World War 1 Two Pennies Up – 3 poems


One thought on “War Videos update

  1. These poems particularly Mouguet Farm poems are so poignant Written, expressed and recited without emotion, are designed to educate. Personally, I confess the Anzac battle meant little to me until I married an Aussie, but I have learned much between the two of you. Frank if only the youngsters or those who would like to sweep our history under the rug and walk over it could hear your work, they would be forced to think differently.


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