April 2021 PAD #08 grievous



this is
a twelve-month . . .

an eighteen

of loss
and of grief

such a time

so many names

and familiar

and the world
grows smaller
while it tries
to grow
apart . . .

more distance
when we need
more closeness


so much
of loss
is grievous


5 thoughts on “April 2021 PAD #08 grievous

  1. There is talk here of California opening up completely by June 15, with vaccination levels reaching “herd immunity.” I am skeptical, and concerned that we may go right back into another surge, but we’ll see! For now, it’s great to be able to visit with a friend on a restaurant patio over a nice lunch!

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      • Absolutely, Frank, and in the midst of two other life-threatening issues I’m chasing, I’m not taking any untoward chances these days. I have had two Pfizer shots, though, and outside with a slight breeze seemed ok for lunch today! Risks and courage are definitely the two words of my days right now!

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