Voices (In The Trash) – a 5 star review, with a question mark

I’m delighted that Voices (In The Trash) has received another 5 star review on Amazon. These are truly to be treasured.

It seems though, that readers may not be too sure what to make of the book. The reviewer (JT) writes that:

The book was well written and was, without question, very different . . .

The reviewer then goes on:

The book was not to my taste, but most people would enjoy this book.

See the full review, here: JT 5.0 out of 5 stars A nice read

As I said above, I’m delighted to receive the review, but I have previously wondered just what it is that I am doing with this work (the Voices and Beechworth Bears books)-

  • making picture books, but not strictly speaking aimed at children
  • writing poetry that is dependant on pictures, and is actually more like conversation

It is difficult to describe, difficult to promote, and market, challenging to pigeon-hole in a genre.

I wonder what you might think about target audiences and genre? Feel free to let me know in comments.

Otherwise, though, as a reader and visitor to this blog, if you’d like to receive a Kindle (or PDF) copy of Voices (In The Trash) to read and review or to discuss here with me, I’ll be delighted to provide you with a free copy. Send a note to me at FrankPrem03 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Meanwhile, here is the Amazon link to the book, again.


16 thoughts on “Voices (In The Trash) – a 5 star review, with a question mark

  1. That was a rather odd review. It sounds as though the reader didn’t know what to make of the book. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about poetry that is dependent of images, as well as the role of spoken word. I’m going to move your book up in my TBR queue because I’d like to explore this idea more fully.

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    • Yes, it makes me wonder (not for the first time) where this kind of work might fit. These first 2 certainly resemble children’s picture books in format, but the next is likely to be a 6 x 9, and a much clearer adult orientation. After that, some philosophical pieces that I have in mind.

      How to best represent that is tricky.

      I’ll be keen to have your views, Liz, but there’s no rush. It will evolve, no doubt.

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    • Liz, I am smiling because this review had exactly the same impact on me. I’ve been meaning to read it and now I have rushed out and bought it because I need to see what I think of it. What a great review, Frank. There’s nothing like one that stirs curiosity.
      With regards to you question about writing and target audiences, I am the most selfish writer in the world because I write to please myself and pleasing others is secondary. I am delighted when people like my books, of course, but it is a bonus to me because I need to like them first.

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