April 2021 PAD #05 getting on (with the day)

a shadow
across the light

I close my eyes

it is a bird
in the sunlight

there are dancers
swaying around the corners
of my eyes

did I rise
too fast?

is it nothing?

should I
fall right back down

there is no going back

is a-risen
let the day bring
what it will

stepping out
into the wall
of solid light
is one way
to deal
with confrontation

and there is nothing
in the day
that I have not met before

I know that

another hour
between sheets
might have lifted me

another hour
and I might
have woken up

one more hour
on one more day . . .

would that really be
asking too much?

but there is nothing
I can say
so I keep it locked inside
and get on
with . . .

what I must

get on with it


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