April 2021 PAD #04 for sunlight (amid traffic)

I raise my eyes . . .

the top of my head
the liquid asphalt

tread the molten
beneath the street

it is not safe
to surface here
where the traffic might . . .

in a casual way . . .

the traffic
if I remain . . .

down again

I submerge myself
into the pitch

down again

an approaching car
I swim

in time

before it claims
my head

a grill trophy . . .

a battered roadkill

hold my breath
paddle through a night
of tar

paddle on
another hole

blow air
and bitumen
out of my nose

blow air
and lumber

smooth my moustache
the traffic flow

and lumber

the great mass
of me
to the kerbside

the guttered beach
of sand and silt
and green weedery

I stretch
full length

the sunlight


6 thoughts on “April 2021 PAD #04 for sunlight (amid traffic)

    • Very much like that, Mick. I love the possibilities of my street. It runs downhill from where I am for a mile or so, and the sound of traffic passing is very much like boats shushing by on water.

      It has inspired a few speculative poems that I’ve used elsewhere. More to come, yet, I hope.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I laughed at this image, then I felt guilty wondering if something dreadful had happened. Thankfully I realised (and recognised) the torment of a noisy street.

    Liked by 1 person

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