April 2021 PAD #03 traces (and deeps)

it is an ocean
an ocean

I sail

in the search
for my heart

every wisp of cloud

white water

blowing breeze

move my little boat
of dreams

and sail
the deep blue reaches

the last known places

the wayfaring deeps

for traces
of a wandering heart


7 thoughts on “April 2021 PAD #03 traces (and deeps)

      • Searching the skies — or searching the oceans — both great metaphors and great places to search. Each time I read this I have to stop at the blowing breeze moving your little boat — as a kid, I firmly believed that there had to be trees in order for there to be wind!

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      • There’s a term for that – a kind of magical thinking, or simple magic – not quite sure, but I understand it very well, Janet.

        Something has to happen to cause the wind.


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