April 2021 PAD #01 subject

I understand that April is the National Poetry Month, primarily in the US, I think, but in any case I came across the #NaPoWriMo hashtag again and thought it a good time to try to focus back on writing again ag=fter about six months of dedicated book creation. Turning so much material into book format has been a very worthwhile exercise, but I am weary of it. Still plenty to do, but I have become tired, and miss the free-wheeling nature of just writing for the sake and the love of creating a new poem.

So, I’ll keep beavering away at finishing book revisions and the like in the background, but try to focus more on creating new poems, through the discipline of a Poem-A-Day exercise over the next month. When my head is in the right (write) place, I don’t find this a difficult task, and have enjoyed such exercises when I’ve undertaken them. My last serious effort ended up spanning five seasons, but I’m not aspiring to such lofty heights this time. Just some regular writing, and the formality of assigning time to write on a daily basis.

Not a lot to ask, really . . .

Anyway, here is today’s offering, written as I contemplate significant change in my role and societal status, and subsequent sense of self and . . . . stuff.

April 2021 PAD #01 subject

these are the days
of loss
and of endings

of renewal

days of change

the day
of fools

and it has caught
my attention

passing thought

which is this

if this
is the day
off fools
and here am I
so readily
to it

does that say
of me

or . . .

perhaps . . .



7 thoughts on “April 2021 PAD #01 subject

      • I’m waiting for the third print proof from IngramSpark after I screwed up the first two. Having someone with no spacial intelligence do the interior of a book with facing photograph/poem pages was not a brilliant idea. When I initially contacted two people who do this kind of work, they didn’t address how I actually wanted the book to end up, so I decided to do it myself if it kills me.

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      • It tricky, isn’t it. I ended up using a lbreak (even page) before every image to ensure it was on the left facing page, and turned off page numbers for any blank page that was created as a result, so there was no number, just a blank odd page.

        Not sure whether my results were the best, but I can live with them, I think.

        It’s worthwhile, Liz. Well done for taking control.

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      • Definitely tricky, particuarly given that IgramSparks manuscript preparation guidelines are a dense ticket of specs in 6-point font.

        Thank you for the encouragement that it’s worthwhile. I’ve had my moments of doubt . . .

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