Voices (In The Trash) – a delivery

It has been an exciting and nerve wracking couple of weeks in the life of the Voices picture book, with an order, purchase and delivery of five copies of the hardback edition to South Carolina in the US.

Ellen (the purchaser) and I have been nervously tracking the order from first placement, here in Australia, for printing to be undertaken in a place neither of us had ever heard of in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, and then deliver by a trackable economy ground mail option.

The whole operation took close to three weeks to complete and had us on the edge of our seats before final delivery a couple of days ago.

Ellen has been good enough to provide me with some pics of the delivered package of five books and I’m delighted to share a couple of them here.

Thank you, Ellen.

I commend Ellen’s website Passing By Photo to any reader. Simply wonderful photography.

12 thoughts on “Voices (In The Trash) – a delivery

  1. That last day was a nail-biter—never knew UPS to come so late in the day except for Christmas-time. To hold Voices (in the trash) in my hand was worth the wait, Frank, your work is a delight!

    Thanks for shout out for my photography and blog 😊 .

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