An indulgence

A little while ago, during a period of Long Service leave from my psychiatric nursing job I got carried away with turning my entire back catalog into book form, ending up with 20 general collections of work and about 10 themed collections that are earmarked for for listing as available books.

One of the collections I identified as worthwhile putting together was picture inspired poetry that was driven by prompts posted on various blogs and websites. There have been quite a few of these and I decided to include the original image as well as the poem that it inspired. As an example, one of the pieces that I have included was a response to a prompt posted by the late Hélène Vaillant, titled big girl (on the tiles) now. I love this image and was delighted with the story that emerged in response to it.

There are many poems just like this. For example:

. (a child’s way) into the wood

. a word from the co-pilot

. walking (with my brother)

I originally thought this collection could serve as some form of exemplar for the use of imagery as an inspiration for writing. The ways of using an image as an adjunct to the words and the words as an adjunct to the image. I still think the collection can serve that purpose, but I no longer think it is viable to release the collection as a publicly available book.

Why not?

I’m glad you asked! Seriously, what I felt I needed to do was identify the original sources of each image and provide an attribution. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do that. Many of the images are available as royalty free creations freely available for commercial use. Some I have obtained permission to use (thank you Sue Vincent!). Others I have not yet been able to trace, and a very few seem to require purchase or royalty payment, which I don’t wish to pursue for this project.

Ob that basis, it isn’t reasonable to generally release the collection that I have put together.

So, what am I to do with it? What I’ve decided is that I really like these poems and the reasons and the way they were created. I also think that I can use them – in a private capacity – to to illustrate and teach about my personal approach to writing poetry while using imagery as an integral part of the poem. A personal and private indulgence.

This is an amazing journey that I have found myself on. I love it. Tonight I uploaded a fresh version of the collection that I have titled The Last of Eden. I decided that I would use colour versions of the images, just for my own satisfaction. Below is the cover.

Thank you to all the posters of prompts, and to all readers.

The Last of Eden – PB cover

14 thoughts on “An indulgence

  1. Nothing wrong with indulging ourselves, Frank, in fact there is probably a lot right with it! The three examples you have given are each lovely. I particularly liked “a child’s way…” innocence, fun and a bit of hope all teased out of that photo.

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  2. Frank I know you’ve already decided but did you try the TinEye app to find the images? I’ve used it and can often find a “free” source for most images. You “right mouse click” on the image you have and the app searches the internet for wherever it’s been posted.

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  3. I was thinking as I read this, to advise you to leave until you got an idea. Frank the idea that came to you without any prompting is great I agree with the ladies who encouraged indulgence. It’s all; systems go, this year

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