Smorgasbord Posts from My Archives – Past Book Reviews 2020 – a kiss for the worthy: #Poetry inspired by the Walt Whitman poem ‘Leaves of Grass’ (A Love Poetry Trilogy Book 2) by Frank Prem

My thanks go, again, to Sally Cronin over at the Smorgasbord Blog for highlighting again my collection – A Kiss for the Worthy.

By way of reminder, this was the second book in a trilogy of what I came to think of as ‘Love Poetry’. Three very different kinds of love. The very personal and intimate approach of Amy Lowell, The diffident uncertainty and weariness of T. S. Eliot and the expansive oneness with nature and the world of Whitman.

Each writer representing so much more than just one person, one poet, one world view.

A wonderful writing journey.

It is a quite wonderful thing to have that work presented to others, with recommendation. Thank you again, so much, Sally.

I encourage any reader to visit the Smorgasbord and sample the wares.


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I read some amazing books in 2020 and I would like to share them again with you, updated with the authors most recent releases and their biography.

Today I am sharing my review from April 2020 for the poetry collection a kiss for the worthy: Poetry inspired by the Walt Whitman poem ‘Leaves of Grass’ (A Love Poetry Trilogy Book 2) by Frank Prem

About the collection

Houses and rooms are full of perfumes,
the shelves are crowded with perfumes,
I breathe the fragrance myself and know it and like it,
The distillation would intoxicate me also,
but I shall not let it.. . .

from Leaves of Grass

Drawing on the phrasing of Walt Whitman’s great late 19th century poem Leaves of Grass (above) Frank Prem has produced a collection of expansive and outward looking love poetry written, as always, in the unique style that allows every reader to…

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