Voices – in my mailbox!

I received my first box of stock for sale of the Voices (In The Trash) book, today. Both hardcover and soft.

Voices (In The Trash) – final

I took a small gamble that the last cover adjustments I had uploaded would be executed as I wanted, and I think they have come out ok, so I’m considering this a final edit. For a while, anyway.

The books I received today – a modest quantity of both editions are for local sale – a couple of copies at work, a couple of copies to folk who have already indicated their wish to receive a copy.

I thought it might be worthwhile to elaborate a little on the ‘on sale’ status of each edition for online buyers, because strange things have been happening to the price.

Kindle edition – this is available now for pre-order and has been set at US$4.99. That makes it AU$6.30 at present.

Case Laminate (Hardcover) – This edition is listed for purchase (live) now, but the price has been doing ridiculous things. I listed it at US$23.99 and AU$29.99 – a pricy little number, to be sure. On Amazon, the listing went straight up into the high US$30 and AU$42 range. On Amazon (dot) com in teh US the price has fallen back to around US$26 at the time of writing.

Softcover – Similarly, the price for this edition has been haywire. I listed it at US$16.99 and $AU23.99, but the Amazon listing (and other places like Booktopia, as well) went a little berserk. It is currently US$19.56 and AU$29.72.

Crazy stuff, though it seems it might be settling down a little.

Anyway, my point in discussing this is that I have the capacity to direct an order to be delivered from the printer direct to the purchase in the US, UK, Europe and Australia (starting tomorrow!). The only unknown is the cost of postage – ie basic rate which is untrackable (eg media mail, I think in the US), or a higher charge for trackable post.

If you or someone you know might be interested in picking copies of voices (or any other of my published works) let me know and I’ll be delighted to discuss cost and to place an order with the nearest IngramSpark printer.

Voices book – who knew image

I have another exciting piece of progress to reposrt, but I’ll put that in another post a little later.


10 thoughts on “Voices – in my mailbox!

    • Not sure, Liz.

      I took a look at bookfinder.com and saw a couple of dozen listings with all sorts of price points. I think it must be secondary sellers on Amazon setting their own prices.

      It had settled down on the Zon last time I looked. About a week or so.

      I have a suspicion that if it was published through Amazon’s own print service there would not be an issue.

      Ah well. Small stuff in the long run.

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