Voices In The Trash – almost done

Voices In The Trash – 2 page spread

I have three versions of Voices In The Trash, now. A Kindle (fixed) version, a hard-cover (case-laminate) and a soft-cover (paperback) version.

I took the paper versions to work yesterday to show around and was delighted with the response from my work colleagues. Quite wonderful.

I’ve uploaded a couple of tweaks to the cover of each, this morning, and anticipate the final proofs will be done within a day. Woo Hoo!

The next tasks to tackle will be listing the books with full descriptions, setting release dates, inviting my ARC reading group to download a review copy of the Kindle format book (I do this through my Newsletter arrangements on Mailchimp).

Speaking of Mailchimp, it is about 4 or 5 months since I sent out a newsletter to let folk know I’m still ticking, so I’ll need to do a newsletter, as well!

It sometimes seems (often seems) that writing is the simplest part of the the whole process.

In any case, this time around there will be a book version available. I’m just sorting out pricing, but if you happen to be interested in getting a copy please let me know. IngramSpark (my printer) prints in the US, and the UK as well as Australia, and I recently was able to have a book order printed and delivered to an address in the UK with no hassles, and at close to what I imagine the listed book will cost on Amazon. I’ll need a delivery address to do the calculation, but no obligation if you’d just like to find out the cost.

Phew! I’m really very excited about this degree of progress. It feels like a big milestone.


17 thoughts on “Voices In The Trash – almost done

    • 🙂 That’s wonderful, Ellen. Thank you.

      It is truly an extraordinary thing. I’ve decided that I will re-do the bears and release it as a book, after all. My reasoning is that these little books and their adventures are unique and warrant being made available.

      I’ll respond to your email shortly.

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