Revisiting ‘Devil In The Wind’

I’ve experienced concentric distractions today. Each taking further from what I set out to achieve at the beginning of the day.

I started with finances. Then went on to editing. After that, there was this interesting poem that I could add some pictures to and then upload to YouTube , , ,

Some things are plain boring, some things too complicated to complete in a single sitting. Some things, though, feel just right.

I came across a voice recording of myself reading the opening poem to Devil In The Wind, a year or so ago, and couldn’t resist the prospect of adding one more reading to the set list on YouTube.

The poem is the Prologue, and it is intended to be read in around 10 different voices – the varied and dreadful experiences of survivors and victims of the Black Saturday fires, told in little snapshots to open the book.

Feel free to listen again. The Kindle link is below, and paperback copies are available.

Devil In The Wind – Prologue. Reading on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “Revisiting ‘Devil In The Wind’

  1. No one can be in any doubt about the horror of that time Frank your excerpt here adds to the perfect words. I remember embracing a work colleague when he returned from resting after fighting the fires. He was young, fit, rattled and still stank of smoke, yet one of the cleanest tidiest young men I worked with. I had a fleeting memory of that time today

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