Another short one

I’ve snatched a moment to put together another short video, this time featuring a pair of juvenile magpies foraging outside my back door.

The point is to try, with a few images and very few words to create something a little bigger. On the page, the words should draw attention to the image, and the image should – likewise – draw attention to the words.

In a video, the aim is to allow the imagination to join with the image while the poem or story is read. I guess this is also the film-makers art, but it is relatively new to me and great fun to do.

Brothers poem – Youtube link

Just for good measure, I looked up the original poem and see that I wrote each stanza in 17 syllables.

The original post of this poem and the pictures I used is here.

18 thoughts on “Another short one

  1. It is amazing what gut feeling and imagination together can produce. This is a wonderful example and I giggled I don’t think I will look or listen to magpies in the same vein again. Wel done

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    • Thanks Chris. It’s a wonderful adventure in storytelling, I’m finding. I’m learning a lot about how my structures work, and about translating what inspired me to write a thing into a version that better communicates that to others.


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