Amusing myself – with voices

No new writing today, so far at least.

No. Today has been filled with Voices. I have completed drafting my voices picture poetry book – Voices (In The Trash). It is similar to the Beechworth Bakery Bears in format – images with a poem they inspired, as a spread across 2 pages of an 8.5 x 8.5 inch book. Essentially, a Children’s Book format, though I don’t really consider myself a children’s writer.

This particular collection of conversations originated from a walk around a large Trash and Treasure Market in Daylesford, Victoria, a couple of years ago. I was fascinated by the life I saw and felt in the myriad objects that filled up a huge space. Everything I saw had a voice and demanded to be written.

So. Today I have finished (or nearly finished) my design work and have made all of my quality compromises to create a Laminated cover hardback, and a paperback version. I then pushed on to create a Kindle version of the book.

With the Bears, I broke the 64 page book into 2 parts for the Kindle version. ON reflection, I felt that left the e-books a little small. This time, I have kept the collection together – a 106 page opus. A little monster to manage, but I think I’m there, now. Almost ready to let early reviewers take a peek at a copy.

I recorded a small number of the poems today to upload with their images to Youtube, but I’ll finish that tomorrow, perhaps.

Meanwhile, here is the cover image. It is very exciting to be closing in on this one.

Voices (In The Trash) cover image
Voices (In The Trash) – coming soon!

29 thoughts on “Amusing myself – with voices

  1. This sounds very exciting I’d like to say count me in Frank, but I’m not terribly techno-savvy. I would still like to hear and read your verses


    • Thanks so much, Ellen. It sure is work. Hundreds of hours learning to design picture books and master making covers for them (the hardback case laminate covers have been a bit of a nightmare).

      I’m hoping these are nearly done and I’m likely to release the print versions this time, I think.

      We shall see!!

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