after work (a song I sing) a dance


here I am
come home from work

the heat is itch
and sweat
and swelter

clouds boiling
and all the way
to the horizon

strip off
the uniform shirt
strip off the pants

unpeel the socks
throw away the shoes

stand quite still
the back door . . .

on the lawn

raise a sound
that sounds
like chanting

chant in the direction
of the sky

raise my arms . . .
into the sky

make it sound
a little like . . .

just a little bit
like rain
than stamp
with each foot
in turn

stamp and stamp
the dust to rise

to make a place
for mud
when it falls

it will fall

if I chant my song
loud enough
and long

shake the stones
from fallen peaches

in a hand
one strawberry
and not enough
of sprinkled water)

(hide the moon
behind a cloud)

(let the thunder

tonight . . .

let it rain


7 thoughts on “after work (a song I sing) a dance

  1. Frank. I have to admit this is the first of your poems that I laughed though sometimes I giggle quietly; but this one, no, loud enough to set this suburb wondering about my sanity. Seriously, these words conjure pictures of war dances, relief and the sheer reaction to a blistering heat Loved it

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