coming – a poetry reading from Ghosts and Graves Anthology

I’ve been meaning to record and post this poem for awhile now. It hasn’t appeared on my blog, though I expect to include it when I release my own Ghosts collection, possibly in 2022.

This poem is not the chronicle of a true event, although each of its component parts or elements are as real as life (and love) itself.

I hope you enjoy, if you choose to listen, but . . . I don’t want to give away the conclusion, but a tissue nearby may be helpful.

For anyone interested in purchase of the anthology, the Kindle link is here. I believe the paperback edition is also now available.

Youtube reading of the poem coming. Cover image for Ghosts and Graves Anthology.

11 thoughts on “coming – a poetry reading from Ghosts and Graves Anthology

    • I’ve been meaning to get it done for ages, Robbie. Glad I got there today.

      I recorded another piece – a sci fi effort – but not happy with my reading, so will do it again.

      Hope you enjoy this one, in any case. A bit grim.

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    • Thank you, Liz.

      The Rainforest anthologies are a testament to the great potency and benefit of belonging to a writer gang, I think. The 3 published (one in the works) are all intended to provide experience of writing, editing, compiling and, of course, getting work into distribution.

      The Retreat has been a definitive developmental experience for me.

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    • Hi Annika. Thank you. I very much enjoy reading to audience, and I’m glad that comes through on the recordings.

      All the story elements are true, sadly, though not of any one couple. It’s easy enough to tell when everything is real.

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